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“The heart and soul of America reside here, in West Virginia”. G.W Bush, September 2004.


West-Virginia. 2004-2005.

Located on the borders of the Appalachians Mountains, land of coal and hunting games, Mullens is a small town settled between a railroad and a river. 1800 souls, seven churches, no one outside.

the city are a cross… and three loudspeakers, thanks to which the sound of chimes stream across the town, four times a day.

The main street leads to the “Wyoming Hotel”, remnants of a past time. The closing of coal mines, replaced by open cut mines, threatened traditionnal industries, unemployment,and the troops being stuck in Irak….none of these aspects seem to have weighed in on the final issue in last November’s presidential vote.

No particular event or news led Mullens’ choice. Apart from the fact that this town is located in the heart of a state (with a distinctive social history: workers’ movement “Mother Jones”, former New Deal stronghold) and which has always voted for the democratic candidate, apart from the last two presidential elections.

Just the wish to encounter another America, and to try to understand its codes, far from the New York or Washington hustle.

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