L'oeil public



1965 (Brest)  member of agence VU’ A determination to understand the world motivated by a desire for adventure. By Joana Anisten. Janvier 2009 “Some books provide the source of the desire to travel, to experience for real, the situations depicted by the author.  Such books can be considered the preface of our actions.” Jean-Claude Guilbert (...



« Prison Valley » Démocratic Books/Arte Edition, 2010. Written by David Dufresne. Page setting by  Sébastien Brothier. « Dignité », Editions Textuel. En coédition avec Amnesty International et France-Info. 2010 « L’ŒIL PUBLIC 15 ans d’histoires » Démocratic Books/Arte Edition, 2010. « Cela commence par… » Editions Actes Sud, 1997....



2011 * World Press Photo multimedia contest (Prison Valley) * Grimme Online Award (Germany): Knowledge and education award (Prison Valley)   2010 * AIB (Association International Broadcasters): Best online, cross-media production (Prison Valley) * Prix RFI – France 24. Visa pour l’image (Perpignan, France): best webdocumentary  (Prison Valley)...




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