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Nigeria 2014

In the northern Nigerian, Boko Haram forbids vaccination campaigns against polio. Today, Nigeria is one of the last areas in the world where poliomyélite is breaking out. On assignment for msnbc USA.


Fort McMoney

A disproportionate city, a boomtown, a polluted city, Fort McMurray is the largest energetic project on earth. Here, in the north of Canada, more than a million and a half of oil barrels are extracted every day. Photographs from Fort McMoney, the game doc directed by David Dufresne.


An ordinary week in Guatemala City

More than ten years after the peace agreement which put an end to the longest (36 years) and most bloody civil war in Central America, the violence has not abated in Guatemala, remaining the major preoccupation of the population.


The Serbian memory of Kosovo

Under UN protection since June 1999, the Albanians of Kosovo declared their independance on February 17,2008. “Since 1999 more than 200,000 Serbs have fled Kosovo and 22,000 more have abandoned their apartements or houses to find refuge in nearby village enclaves.


Bitter Frontiers

On July 12, 2006, following the capture of two Israeli soldiers by the Hezbollah Shiite militia, Israel has launched during 34 days, an intense bombing campaign in Lebanon.



United States, 2004-2005. “The heart and soul of America reside here, in West Virginia”. G.W Bush, September 2004.



United States. Texas, Louisiana. September 2005. One month after the passing of Katrina, debris and abandoned cars haunt the streets of New Orleans.


Election days

United States, november 2008. A week in a swinging state in the American presidential elections: Pennsylvania.


Cairo forgotten persons

Egypt. December 2009. The buildings are built on the sand at the foot of Mount Sinaï. Haggana used to be an outlying suburb of Cairo: now, it is one of the city's largest slum.


Anti CPE protest

Paris, march 2006. French students protest against the government's plans to introduce a new law on youth employment contracts called the CPE


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